Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

summary (comprehension 3)

At the morning Monroe family very shocked because every vegetable turns white. There’s white beans, white peas, white squash, white lettuce, white zucchini, and white tomatoes. Then pete says that mommy have to buy organic vegetable. Mommy argued that all of the vegetable she bought is all organic. Chester think that Bunnicula who did this. Chester took Mr. Monroe’s towel and pretend to be like a Dracula. Chester try to tell that Bunnicula is a Dracula. And then chester bites harold’s neck to tell that chester very sure that Bunnicula is a Dracula. Harold was very shocked. Harold confuse what’s going on with chester. Chester said “nothing happen Harold, they don’t even understand what I mean.”. monroe’s family still don’t relize what chester means. One night, Harold smell something weird, than Harold curious what smell is this. Harold go out and approach to the living room. Standing in the door way, there was chester with a strange pendant hanging from his neck. Harold  said to chester “what are you wearing that oval thing for? It smells weird.” Chester said “of course it smells! It’s garlic. I made one for you too. Put it on.” Harold try to understand why chester wear a garlic. Harold leave chester and go to toby’s room. Chester said “the book ‘the mark of the vampire.’said to use garlic.” But Harold still don’t believe that. When mrs. Monroe leaving she ask pete to eat steak in the refrigerator. chester know’s something. Chester wanted to kill Bunnicula. Chester know’s that killing Bunnicula have to be at the afternoon. Chester and Harold planned to kill Bunnicula by staking Bunnicula. When they try it. Chester put the stake on Bunnicula’s chest and chester push it by his feet. But, it didn’t work. Bunnicula don’t die. 

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